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A stand-alone plan or a rider that provides comprehensive coverage for hospital and surgical fees, with 4 plans available for selection.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says a small sickness is good fortune. However, in the event of hospitalization as a result of accidents and illnesses, you may suffer from huge medical expenses, such that a basic medical plan may be insufficient in dealing with the financial burden.

Chubb Life's Select Top-Up Medical Plan is here to help. This plan, which can be purchased as a basic plan or as a rider, provides you comprehensive medical protection at affordable premiums. By choosing Select Top-Up Medical Plan, you'll have peace of mind, and we will help shoulder the cost of medical treatment. You can rest assured and be free of worries while you recover.


  • Suitable for individuals aged between 0 and 65
  • Guaranteed renewable up to age 1001
  • Four levels of benefit schedules are available to suit individual needs
  • Provides comprehensive medical coverage2, including hospital expenses, surgical expenses, physician's fee, specialist's fee, companion's bed coverage and pre- and post-hospital out-patient treatment
  • Guaranteed conversion right2,3 can be exercised when the policy has been in force for three years or more. You may convert your policy to the designated medical plan offered by the Company at the time of conversion within 31 days following the policy anniversary when the Insured attains age 50, 55, 60 or 65
  • Works together with other basic medical plans2 and will reimburse up to 90% of all eligible medical expenses in excess of the deductible or the actual amount reimbursed by other insurance, whichever is higher
  • Offers Medical Accident and Incident Extension Benefit2 in the event of death directly due to any erroneous or negligent action during the course of any medical procedure or treatment in hospital
  • Compassionate Death Benefit2 will be given upon the death of the Insured
  • 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services4


  1. We reserve the right to adjust the premium rate, benefit schedule and the terms and conditions of this plan upon the time of renewal.
  2. Conditions and limitations apply. Please refer to respective policy provisions for details.
  3. Guaranteed conversion is only applicable for Insured with standard risk.
  4. These services are arranged through a third-party service provider and are not part of the policy or benefit item under the policy provisions of Select Top-Up Medical Plan. Both the Company and the third-party service provider reserve the right to terminate or vary the service in their sole discretion without further notice. We shall not be responsible for any act or failure to act on the part of the third-party service provider.

This webpage is for general reference only and should not be regarded as professional advice, recommendation and it is not part of the policy. It provides an overview of the key features of the product and should be read along with other materials which cover additional information about the product. Such materials include, but not limited to, product brochure that contains key product risks, policy provisions that contain exact terms and conditions, benefit illustrations (if any) and other policy documents and other relevant marketing materials, which are all available upon request. You might also consider seeking independent professional advice if needed.

The above information shall not be construed as an offer to sell, solicitation or persuasion to buy or provision of any of our products outside Hong Kong. For further information, please contact your Chubb Life Hong Kong Insurance Consultant or call our Customer Service Center Hotline at (852) 2894 9833.

The “Chubb Life Hong Kong”, “Company”, “we”, or “our” herein refers to Chubb Life Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

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