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Your Claim Is Important To You. That's Why It Is Important To Us

At Chubb we use our expertise and experience to help you identify, mitigate and transfer risks that your business faces. We’ll always strive to exceed your expectations, and you can trust us to build a creative insurance programme that allows your business to succeed.

The way we handle claims is the acid test of our delivery. Our promise to you is that we will:

  • Provide direct access to our claims experts
  • Design multinational programmes with claims as an integral component
  • View each and every claim individually and constructively
  • Deliver the best solution for every situation
  • Handle all claims quickly and seamlessly
  • Communicate at every stage
  • Appoint the right experts worldwide for each situation
  • Ensure consistency in our service – the world over
  • Maintain the ability, financial strength and liquidity to be able to pay claims
  • Never forget the commitment shown to us by clients and brokers

Claims Capability 
Business and life are global; incidents can occur in any part of the world, complicated by culture, legislation and language. Chubb’s strong worldwide network of operations provides the local expertise our clients require. No matter where an incident occurs, we guarantee access to qualified professionals with the expertise needed to achieve the best result. With a wide range of products and extensive reach, Chubb delivers a global claims service consistently, across all lines of business.

Our People
Our claims philosophy is based upon Chubb working as part of your extended risk management team. That’s why our people are such a fundamental part of what we offer. It is why we have Claims Client Relationship Managers, a team bridging the traditional gap between clients, business leaders and claims management teams: a role that anticipates client requirements and delivers a well managed claims programme.

Our Claims Client Relationship Managers champion clients’ requirements throughout the claims process and use their expertise to align Chubb’s services to match clients' bespoke specifications. So if the unexpected does occur, resolutions follow.

Technical Expertise
We are renowned for our technical ability and empower our claims teams to take high-level decisions. In addition, we have long-standing, fruitful relationships with external advisers such as lawyers, risk engineers, loss adjusters and recovery specialists. These quality associates work as part of the claims team to the same exacting standards of service we expect of ourselves.

Transforming Data Into Meaningful Information
Accurate management information is essential for controlling risk. We record claims information swiftly and correctly to enable you to form an accurate picture of losses, understand trends and plan for improvement. We can provide a management information suite that meets the needs of your particular programme. In addition, our web-based claims management system ensures worldwide reporting and trending information is only a click away.


Claims Client Relationship Manager
Catherine joined Chubb in 2009 focusing on championing clients' requirements throughout the claims process and aligning Chubb's services to match clients' bespoke specifications. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding across multiple disciplines in the insurance industry. Prior to joining Chubb, she held a variety of positions in claims, global servicing and underwriting management.

T: +44 20 7173 7531
M: +44 7766 994921



Claims Client Relationship Manager
Judy joined Chubb in 2015. With 20 years’ industry experience, Judy has a strong track record in claims client relationship management as well as operational performance. She is responsible for supporting the delivery of Chubb’s multinational proposition to clients and brokers.

T: +44 20 7173 7161
M: +44 7833 255946



Claims Client Relationship Manager
Helen joined Chubb in 2014 and has a background in Casualty, Motor and Professional negligence large loss claims and claims management. Helen works with Chubb’s larger multinational accounts written both out of London and in the regions, to establish a bespoke claims programme that ensures Chubb deliver an excellent claims service.

T: +44 161 910 1802
M: +44 7833 255639