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The Spectre of Disruption - how well do you know your supply chains?

A new era
A new era

Ongoing supply chain issues are affecting businesses around the world. In a two-part Chubb report series, we explore supply chain logistics and how to reduce business interruption through robust risk management. 

The global economy is experiencing a supply chain crisis. Everything from COVID-19 to the Russia-Ukraine war, and from rising inflation to the increasing risk of a global recession, has been affecting the flow of goods. 

Our insights into robust risk management strategies explore the causes and effects of global supply chain disruption. We also tell you what you need to know to improve supply chain management and boost operational resilience within your business. 

The spectre of disruption: supply chain risks and what you need to know will help you ask the right questions. Our reports include top takeaways from risk and supply chain experts on what it all means for business and how to mitigate risks. We also hear from a leading international economist, one of the founding members of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England. 

Ripple effects
The price of a single sea freight container has jumped from around US$1,400 to as high as US$12,000
1.5 days
Ship re-routing is adding up to 1.5 days onto journeys
Cyber hits on a supplier’s code accounted for 66% of supply chain attacks globally
12 months
The time it takes to get a new car has lengthened from three months to a year in some cases

In the first part, we consider the causes and effects of supply chain disruption and what it means for businesses.


In part two, we explore how businesses can get ahead and mitigate the risks from supply chain disruption with a robust business management strategy.




Sivakumaran Divakaran

Head of Transportation Risk Management, Chubb Asia-Pacific

Peter Kelderman

Marine Risk Management Leader, Chubb Europe

Xavier Pazmino

Regional VP Marine, Chubb Latin America

John Venneman

Marine Risk Management Specialist, Chubb North America

Dame DeAnne Julius (DCMG, CBE)

International Economist and Founding Member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England

Nick Wildgoose

CEO of Supplien Consulting and Board Member of the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council