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Bonds and guarantees

An increasing proportion of public and private contracts today require security, such as a surety bond or guarantee, for contractual obligations.

Working with Chubb’s expert surety and guarantee team can help companies maintain their financial flexibility, strengthen liquidity and diversify sources of financing. Surety bonds and guarantees issued by Chubb can also help satisfy a counterparties’ requirement for security while helping to preserve other credit lines. 


What types of bonds and guarantees can be issued?

We issue a wide range of surety bonds and guarantees:

  • Contract performance bonds
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Retention/maintenance bonds
  • Road and sewer bonds
  • Bid bonds
  • VAT and custom bonds
  • Appeal/court bonds
  • Waste shipment bonds
  • Licence and permit bonds
  • RPA guarantees
  • Restoration bonds
  • Payment bonds
  • Pension bonds
  • Deductible guarantees
  • Joint venture bonds

Who it’s for

We work with a wide variety of businesses including:

  • FTSE 250 companies
  • Large, privately held companies generating consolidated revenues exceeding £250m
  • Corporates needing surety bonds and guarantees to fulfil legal, customs or fiscal obligations



We understand surety – and we care about your business

Global reach, local expertise – for everyone
Whether your business is big or small, takes you around the world or just around town, Chubb is there for you. Our breadth of experience in surety means we can provide the guidance and service you need, whenever you need it, wherever you may be.

Partnership that’s personal 
We work to understand your business and where you’re heading so we can be proactive about meeting your needs. We invest in getting to know you, your team and your customers. The goal: to help you see ahead, be ahead and stay ahead.

Creative problem-solving
Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all – and neither is our approach. Our playbook is always evolving because we’re always helping clients avoid risk in smarter ways. That means we bring the latest thinking and a fresh perspective to solving your challenges.

Unmatched expertise and financial strength
We’ve served clients and partnered with leading organisations for more than 200 years. Our longevity, expertise and financial strength are the bedrock of our business. 


  • You comply with your legal obligations
  • You get access to markets and win new contracts while securing your clients, commercial partners and public authorities
  • You provide beneficiaries with a first-class guarantor enhancing your covenant
  • You optimise your cash management and benefit from competitive financing costs

  • You work with specialists in the provision of bonds and guarantees
  • You diversify your financial partners and maintain your borrowing capacity and credit lines
  • You get access to markets where sureties have an exclusive right to issue surety bonds (such as the US or Mexico)

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