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Professional Indemnity insurance – excluding US and Canada

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Professional Services Coverage

Professional indemnity insurance

If your livelihood relies on giving effective service or advice, a claim for failure to deliver can be very costly, that’s why we offer carefully-designed professional indemnity insurance. Our policy (valid for UK and overseas, excluding US and Canada) protects companies and individual professionals against liability for service failure and mistakes.


Who it’s for

Chubb insures clients from SMEs through to multinationals in many sectors, including:

  • Media 
  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Technology
  • Design consultants
  • Surveyors and other property professionals
  • Other professional services firms

What it covers

Our professional indemnity policy covers liability for failures and errors in service and care in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Financial loss due to accountancy advice adversely affecting a client’s tax liability
  • Claims for damages against architects relating to structural faults in a building they designed
  • A media agency’s client takes legal action against them for a copyright issue
Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

We understand professional indemnity insurance – and we care about your business

Whether your business is big or small, takes you around the world or just around town, Chubb is there for you. Our breadth of experience in professional indemnity insurance means we can provide the guidance and service you need, whenever you need it, wherever you may be. 

Partnership that’s personal 
We work to understand your business and where you’re heading so we can be proactive about meeting your needs. We invest in getting to know you, your team and your customers. The goal: to help you see ahead, be ahead and stay ahead.


Creative problem-solving
Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all – and neither is our approach. Our playbook is always evolving because we’re always helping clients avoid risk in smarter ways. That means we bring the latest thinking and a fresh perspective to solving your challenges.


Unmatched expertise and financial strength
We’ve served clients and partnered with leading organisations for more than 200 years. Our longevity, expertise and financial strength are the bedrock of our business. 



Professional indemnity insurance ensures you stay ahead of claims – real or alleged – that clients could bring against you. You should be able to perform your job with the confidence that, if a client is unhappy with the results or an employee makes a mistake, your business won’t be financially crippled by legal action.

This liability cover protects you against the risk of the professional advice or services you provide causing a client financial harm. That harm could be due to actual or alleged mistakes or a failure to perform a service. Examples include not completing work as expected, providing incorrect advice or guidance, and incorrect forecasting. Professional indemnity covers a client’s losses, as well as your legal expenses and business continuity costs.


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David Filtness
Professional Indemnity Underwriting Manager, UK & South Africa