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Helping employers meet their duty of care obligations

Tailored cover and innovative digital services

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Helping employers meet their duty of care obligations

To help take care of your travelling employees, Chubb has developed Chubb Business Class, a proposition that combines comprehensive cover, 24/7 assistance and innovative digital solutions for employees who travel for business.

Business Class has been created to support risk and HR managers and insurance buyers from small to large businesses with their duty of care obligations. The proposition provides superior levels of service and cover for employees, enabling them to travel with confidence.

  • Medical expenses
  • 24/7 medical and security assistance and repatriation costs
  • Lost business equipment, personal belongings and money
  • Disruption benefits including cancellation and curtailment
  • Personal liability
  • Replacement staff costs also covered
Case study: Illness while travelling to the US

Claim paid: US $200,000

The company was able to fulfil their contract and deliver an important project on time. 

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24/7 assistance

Through Business Class Assistance, Chubb clients have access to both pre-travel advice, dedicated world-wide 24/7 medical and security assistance and claims notification, meaning you’re in safe hands wherever and whenever you travel.

If your itinerary involves arranging a visa, our online visa portal allows quick and easy access to the right insurance documentation. All you need is  your policy number.

And if you do need to make a claim, our online claims portal enables swift online notification in just a few clicks.

Find out more about the full range of services available through Business Class Assistance.

Digital Solutions: Chubb Travel Smart

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Chubb Travel Smart provides a complete business travel duty of care solution for employees and risk and HR managers, including:

  • A handy smartphone app for travelling employees providing easy access to medical and security assistance, live location-based alerts and useful country information
  • Integrated pre-travel eLearning, including videos and competency testing for travelling employees on topics such as terrorism, health risks, travel preparation and cyber safety
  • Dedicated online dashboard for risk, HR and insurance managers, providing real-time information on travelling employees, including their location and whether they are travelling in high risk areas
  • Alerts and notifications sent directly to employees to help them stay one step ahead of the risks and alter their travel plans accordingly
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Chubb Travel Smart: enabling smarter, safer business travel

Find out more about Chubb Travel Smart, our leading duty of care solution designed to help employees travel with confidence

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