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Industry Practices

We understand that some sectors have their own specific set of risk exposures and so require a differentiated approach. We therefore have specialists in our team that are able to provide a wide range of added value services to specific industries.

Examples include:

  • Software developers – deep understanding of project and code development practices and procedures.
  • Semiconductor manufacture – in-depth understanding of supply chain and contractual delay issues.
  • Biotechnology -  An industry leading understanding of your key research and development exposures such as use and storage of critical cell lines and protection of research data.
  • Medical Device Manufacture – Expansive knowledge of quality management systems,  as well as the regulatory and  litigation environment.

These specialists can provide training for broker partners and clients and are an invaluable added value resource.

To keep your leading edge within your industry, make use of Chubb’s risk engineering professionals who can use their knowledge of your business and industry to identify and mitigate risks.

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Information Technology
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