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Client Executive Practice was established in 2010 to bring Chubb’s larger and more sophisticated clients and distribution partners a single point of contact that enhances Chubb’s ability to respond to their needs on a global multi-line basis.

The practice was launched by Chubb’s senior leadership team after carefully considering direct client and broker feedback, and has deployed Client Executives across North America, Latin America, the UK, Europe and Asia. It is a key component of Chubb’s investment in multinational client satisfaction, and forms the basis of our major accounts segment.

Mutually agreed performance measures will be established to reflect each client’s requirements. Regular performance touch points with the client will help ensure appropriate and timely service delivery. This new capability is provided to specific clients at their discretion and in a manner that fits their preferences.

Benefits For Clients

Highly Experienced Team:  A qualifying client selects a Client Executive who will be dedicated exclusively to servicing a limited number of Chubb’s highly valued multinational clients. These individuals are carefully selected by Chubb for their varied client-focused insurance perspectives and will be located close to clients around the globe.

Understanding Clients' Needs: Acting as a full-­time client resource, the Client Executive seeks a deep understanding of each client’s business; what makes the client’s business unique and how the client measures success. Client knowledge development is achieved through an in-depth study of the client’s business and regular ongoing communication with the client and broker.

Customised Solution Development: Customised product and service solutions developed in response to client needs is co-ordinated on the clients and brokers behalf. The Client Executive pulls together the entire Chubb client team to ensure that all internal points of view are understood and well co-ordinated.

Consistency of Process: A systematic process approach was taken while building the Client Executive operating platform. The goal is to promote consistency of Chubb’s client product and service delivery across the globe.

Client-Centric Performance Measurement: Performance standards for Chubb are mutually agreed by the client and Chubb. Performance measurement is achieved through specially developed Chubb capabilities to ensure timely and complete product and service delivery. Periodic performance touch points with the client and broker are designed to ensure that Chubb is meeting expectations. Clients will also be approached directly by the practice leader – and electronically – for feedback on performance and effectiveness of their Client Executive performance.

Head of Client Management, UK & Ireland

Nick has responsibility for three Chubb UK Global Executives and administers the multinational programmes underwritten by Chubb.

T: +44 20 7173 7603
M: +44 7833 255060


Client Executive

Shaun joined Chubb in 2009 and was appointed Global Client Executive in 2010. He has over thirty five years experience in the insurance industry most of which working with multinational or complex risk clients.

T: +44 20 7173 7328
M: +44 7766 994712


Client Executive, Global Accounts Division

Doug joined Chubb in 2007 and was appointed Global Client Executive in 2016. He has over 28 years experience in the insurance industry, fulfilling a variety of roles including sales and marketing, underwriting, business development and client management.

T: +44 113 296 1232
M: +44 7766 994 905


Client Executive

Paul served as Senior Vice President at Marsh prior to joining Chubb in 2014. He has over 15 years insurance and broking experience working on large and complex client accounts.

T: +44 20 7173 7422
M: +44 7768 385515

Client Executive

Jane joined Chubb in 2016 having previously worked in a wide range of risk management roles on the client side.

T: +44 20 7173 7437
M: +44 7342 029699