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The precision and engineering of all BMW vehicles dates back to 1916, originating in its roots as aircraft manufacturer, ‘Bayerische Flugzeugwerke’. In 1922, the company was renamed ‘Bayerische Moteren Werke’, or BMW, as we all know it today.

The ‘Dixi’ was the first ever BMW to roll off the production line, featuring a 747cc straight 4 cylinder engine, which could reach a mighty 75mph. Also known as the ‘3/15’, this model was one of the fastest road cars of its time.

After their major factories were heavily bombed during World War II, BMW were banned from building aircrafts and motor vehicles until the war had concluded. The company managed to survive by manufacturing pots, pans and bicycles up until 1952, when they resumed car production with the ‘501 Luxury Saloon’.

In 1961, BMW began to establish itself in Motorsports, excelling in many famous touring car events, pioneered by the development of the ‘BMW M10 Engine Block’. Although this engine only pushed 75hp initially, this was increased to output over 300hp in the 1970’s and later reaching an impressive 1,400hp in 1986. This model was renamed the ‘Turbocharged BMW 12/13/1 Engine’.

BMW’s popularity and reputation galvanised in 1962, with the launch of the ‘BMW New Class’ compact saloons. The popularity of these models solidified the company as the market leader in sports-oriented cars.

The models which are still so famous today touched the tarmac with the ‘5 Series’ in 1972, the ‘3 Series’ in 1975, the ‘6 Series Coupe in 1976 and the ‘7 Series’ in 1978. The adorned ‘M Series’, with its specially enhanced engines, belted out of the German production plant in 1972, boasting ultimate luxury for their customers.

‘M Sport’ owners will know that having a high performance BMW requires a specialist car insurance. At Chubb, we understand that protecting your piece of motor history is paramount to you, and we aim to provide a car insurance which is suitable for all of your needs.

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