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Chubb’s Cyber ERM Version 2 builds on the strengths of Chubb’s Cyber ERM wording and protects against disasters such as loss of availability, data breaches, data corruption, ransomware and online media events covering both third-party liability and first-party losses from malicious acts or negligence.
It includes extensive pre-loss mitigation, post-event crisis management and risk transfer solutions to address the growing cyber and data privacy risks facing companies today.

What it covers

Incident Response: Chubb policyholders have access to our network of Incident Response Management firms around the world via a hotline, the Chubb Cyber Alert mobile application, or the Chubb Cyber Alert website. We support clients throughout an incident using a network of forensic, remediation, cyber extortion, legal, notification, fraud remediation and public relations experts. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Third-party liability coverage protects the insured for liability resulting from the loss of personal and corporate confidential information. Some highlights include coverage for:

  • Privacy – failure to protect records and data in print or digital format
  • Conduit – transmission of a cyber attack
  • Content – intellectual property infringement through mismanagement of data or media negligence
  • Impaired access – restricting customer access to the insured’s computer systems, e.g. websites, due to a system attack
  • Reputation – defamation or privacy intrusion through cyber activity.

First-party coverage is designed to minimise the effects of a cyber event. Some highlights include coverage for:

  • Privacy notification expenses
  • Business interruption income loss
  • Data recovery and restoration costs including increased costs of labour and equipment
  • Cyber extortion damages and expenses
  • Crisis management expenses following an incident, our policy responds with a number of vendors that specialise in coordinating an appropriate and timely response.
    Extensions include emergency incident response, betterment costs, cyber crime, reward expenses and telecommunications fraud.

We offer protection against regulator actions for data privacy breaches where insurable by law. This includes cover for defence costs, regulatory fines and consumer redress payments.

Read the full guide here.

Our Cyber Risk Management Guide for Brokers details specific exposures per industry or per type of companies