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Our broad Marine Cargo appetite accommodates most trade sectors affording cover for goods being shipped worldwide subject to sanctions and country legislation.

Ignite Marine Cargo is for commercial customers domiciled in the United Kingdom and covers all risks of loss of or damage to goods whilst in the ordinary course of transit.  Transit by road, rail, sea, air or post are all covered.

The policy covers exports, imports and domestic transits.  The duration of cover is from the seller’s warehouse to the buyer’s warehouse.

The policy also covers wars and strikes risks (including terrorism).

The standard Marine Cargo policy benefits from automatic extensions including:

  • Consequential loss
  • Transit to/from and whilst at exhibition including loss of expenses 
  • Engineers and representatives tools and samples. 
  • General Average  and salvage charges 
  • Buyers’ and/or Sellers’ Contingent Interest
  • Replacements by Air
  • Returned Goods 
  • Brand protection
  • Concealed Damage