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Our Environmental product is designed to offer broad, flexible and affordable protection for environmental risks arising out of a client’s entire business operations, whether undertaken at their own premises or at third party locations.

Policies are available for annual operational cover with limits available from as low as £250,000 up to £5 million.

Product Highlights

  • Immediate quotations available
  • Instant binding and issuance of policy documentation
  • Focus on rapid referral response time
  • Product designed to fill gaps in cover in traditional property and liability policies
  • Responds specifically to claims arising out of the European Environmental Liability Directive
  • Original inception date is also the retroactive date, increasing the value of gradual cover as the policy


  • Remediation costs imposed by regulators
  • Third party liabilities including bodily injury, property damage and nuisance, trespass and obstruction
  • Losses arising from transportation of products or waste
  • First party business interruption
  • Legal costs and expenses
  • Cover for sudden & accidental and gradual pollution