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Terrorism today is unpredictable: it can happen anywhere, at any time, taking many different forms. As well as loss of life and injury, a terrorist incident can lead to property being damaged and business continuity being impaired. Our priority at Chubb Global Markets is to provide insurance cover that will protect your company financially if your property is damaged or your business is interrupted as a result of an act of terrorism or political violence. Chubb Global Markets has the local knowledge and underwriting expertise to provide organisations with financial security across the spectrum of potential terrorist threats and political violence.

Recent events have shown that it’s important to be protected against the impact of political violence and instability as well as terrorism per se. That’s why Chubb provides combined property, terrorism and war programmes to make sure there’s seamless cover between standard property and political violence exposures. Our aim is to ensure as broad a range of perils as possible are covered, to reduce any uncertainty and dependency on the rigid classification of an event.

Chubb’s global terrorism cover can be tailored to suit many industry sectors, from retail and hospitality, to banks and financial institutions. We also insure onshore energy and power risks, telco companies, bridges, tunnels and infrastructure such as airports, ports and railways. Offices in over 50 countries worldwide, enable Chubb to offer a more informed and local understanding of terrorism risk. Local policies comply with relevant local laws and regulations and can be designed to wrap around compulsory pool arrangements.

Coverage flexibility allows us to handle customers’ specific requirements, such as contingent business interruption and to provide package policies with other Chubb products. The Political Violence and Terrorism Plus product offers multinational cover for the full spectrum of terrorism and political violence perils, including bomb hoax threat, looting and pillaging directly following an insured peril and loss of control. Group interdependency coverage addresses both the main premises that suffers a loss as well as affected dependent premises.