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Professionals in the US have always operated in a litigious environment, but an increasingly aggressive plaintiff bar, the growth of litigation funding and greater ease of collective actions has made professional negligence a potentially ruinous issue for all kinds of professions.

Professional firms including accountants, architects, engineers and insurance brokers and lawyers all put their trust in Professional Liability insurance from Chubb Global Markets. We cover a wide range of traditional and emerging professions (from the smallest specialist firms to medium-sized companies and large listed multinationals) for liabilities arising out of any professional advice or service given.

Claims can arise in any country or be tried under any jurisdiction, so we provide worldwide expertise and services, internationally recognised products and locally compliant professional indemnity/errors & omissions policies. Equally, territorial cover is available with local policy issuance.

Crucially, Chubb Global Markets understands the particular challenges posed by the US judicial system and the implications of local state laws. Our experienced claims team, working in conjunction with US panel counsel, provide expert service when called upon to handle and resolve claims for our clients.

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Product Head, US Professional Lines

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Senior Underwriter

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