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A pollution event can cost a business dearly, in more ways than one. Financial, regulatory and reputational damage together can impair earnings over the short and long-term. Environmental legislation and regulation is tougher than ever, imposing onerous liabilities and obligations on polluters. Heightened environmental awareness means that there are also investor issues to consider around corporate responsibility and governance, as well as the potential for consumer brand damage. It’s why Chubb Global Markets offers a comprehensive suite of environmental risk solutions that’s designed to prepare and protect all kinds of businesses from all kinds of environmental risk.

Chubb Global Markets’ premises pollution liability insurance provides a broad range of protection for gradual as well as sudden and accidental first and third party environmental liabilities. Our contractors pollution liability insurance covers the insured and their subcontractors while performing at a job site. It also offers protection for gradual as well as sudden and accidental environmental liability arising from contracted work carried out at customers’ project sites.

Our specialist teams of underwriters and claims consultants have a wealth of technical knowledge and can undertake client visits to assess specific risks and explain types of insurance cover available. Chubb Global Markets insurance cover is backed up by crisis management support for all risks, making sure that companies are well equipped to respond if they suffer a loss and minimise the event’s impact on their business.

Our environmental risk offering

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