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In a world of heightened risk awareness, the aviation sector arguably has the highest profile of all. Constantly advancing technology and growing contractual complexity calls for insurance protection from a well-resourced, highly skilled underwriting team. Chubb has been serving the aviation sector with tailored insurance covers since 1938 and is an established lead insurer in the aviation class worldwide. Our expert underwriters work closely with London market brokers to offer airline hull and liability, airports liability, aviation products liability (manufacturers and distributors) and general aviation insurance. Client service doesn’t stop at underwriting and Chubb Global Market’s technical claims ability is unmatched in the market.

Today our client base spans national and international organisations of all sizes. Our team of expert underwriters work closely with London market brokers to offer a comprehensive range of products backed by both the security of both Chubb European Group SE and our Lloyd’s Syndicate 2488. We can deploy up to US$300m on airline, general aviation, manufacturers and airport risks, supported by dedicated specialist aviation claims handling.

Aviation product liability is a Chubb specialty and our comprehensive policies protect component manufacturers and distributors in a way designed to help them comply with their contractual obligations. A minor fault in one component part can cause catastrophic results and incur unforeseen legal liabilities for those found responsible. Such a claim may not appear until years after an accident and having catastrophic product liability cover from a long term insurance partner is critical.

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Simon Abbott
Head of Aviation

Mark Gimson
Chief Underwriting Officer

Nigel Griffiths
Regional Head General Aviation

Emma Walker
Head of Aerospace

Denis Muniglia
Senior Underwriter (France)

Arthur Meerdink
Practice Leader Aviation (Canada)

Trevor Light
Executive Loss Adjuster

Fiona Hodgson-Wood
Executive Claims Adjuster

Stuart Flynn
Senior Claims Adjuster

Georgina Murphy
Senior Claims Adjuster