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Political Risk Insurance

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Coverage against political upheaval

Chubb political risk insurance keeps you covered when overseas areas of operation are hit by political conflict and economic turmoil

Political unrest and civil conflict present multinational operations with all kinds of threats and challenges, but we will protect your business against today’s geopolitical uncertainties. Chubb political risk insurance offers broad cover for many losses – including asset seizure, inability to export and forced abandonment of overseas operations.


Who it’s for

Our political risk cover is perfect for entities with overseas exposures including:

  • Multinational corporations with subsidiaries and projects in overseas locations
  • Financial institutions lending money into emerging markets
  • Contractors and traders with overseas physical assets

What it covers

Chubb political risk coverage can protect your company in these kinds of situations:

Expropriation and discrimination
A wide range of arbitrary government actions can have an impact on your business. Risks include confiscation, expropriation and nationalisation of your assets; forced divestiture of subsidiaries; cancellation of operating licences and breaches of contract

Political violence and forced abandonment
When political violence erupts where you operate, our insurance gives you broad protection. You’re covered for damage to or destruction of physical assets, and if you have to abandon assets or your entire foreign operation due to political conflict

Inability to import/export
Cover applies for when your business is forced to cease operations as a result of government imposed export/import restrictions, as well as for the loss of products that can’t be exported or imported.

Inability to convert or transfer currency
When government actions and economic deterioration prevents currency conversion or transfer, our political risk insurance protects your dividends, shareholder loan payments, intercompany transfers and proceeds of sale.


We’re experts in political risk insurance – and we care about your business

Whether your business is big or small, takes you around the world or just around town, Chubb is there for you. Our breadth of experience in political risk insurance means we can provide the guidance and service you need, whenever you need it, wherever you may be. 

Partnership that’s personal 
We work to understand your business and where you’re heading so we can be proactive about meeting your needs. We invest in getting to know you, your team and your customers. The goal: to help you see ahead, be ahead and stay ahead.

Creative problem-solving
Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all – and neither is our approach. Our playbook is always evolving because we’re always helping clients avoid risk in smarter ways. That means we bring the latest thinking and a fresh perspective to solving your challenges.

Unmatched expertise and financial strength
We’ve served clients and partnered with leading organisations for more than 200 years. Our longevity, expertise and financial strength are the bedrock of our business.


Confiscation and other government actions, political violence, forced abandonment and currency inconvertibility.

The political violence coverage on a Chubb PRI policy will typically be accompanied by a broad range of political risk perils including confiscation and other government action, forced abandonment and currency inconvertibility.


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Toby Vass
Chief underwriting Officer