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Chubb provides a package, combined liability and mono-line global solutions for companies operating in all areas of life science, irrespective of their size, stage of develop or location.

Product Highlights

Policy Offering

  • Property damage / business interruption (including research and development operations)
  • Life Science plus (unique life science specific coverages)
  • Public liability / employers liability
  • Products and services liability
  • Errors and omissions liability (including privacy injury, reputational injury & privacy data breach expense options)
  • Clinical trials liability
  • Crisis response and product recall expenses


  • Medical device companies
  • Dental and veterinary products
  • Biotech companies
  • Pharma companies
  • Dietary supplement markers
  • Service organisations e.g. contract manufacturers, contract research, site management, analytical and testing laboratories

Product Highlights

  • Free from warranties and basis clauses
  • No business description
  • Research and development operations
  • Automated clinical trial certification
  • Option of tailored life science specific additions
  • Contractual and negligence based liability coverages
  • Extended liability
  • Automatic indemnity for a range of life science contractors and suppliers
  • Privacy, reputational and cyber coverages

Life Sciences Factsheet

Chubb’s life science policies are specifically designed for companies operating in all  areas of life science, irrespective of their size, stage of development or location.