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Political Violence & Terrorism

Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance for the UK from Chubb offers market-leading multinational cover against evolving threats.


Shield for the UK from Chubb offers fully integrated property damage, business interruption, terrorism and political violence packaged cover.

Terrorism Risk Evaluation Services

We’ve aligned our expertise and data across a series of specialist areas to create a new service for multinational and large mid-market clients.

Non Damage Terrorism Solutions

The first solution of its kind in the market.

Closing the gap for non-damage BI exposure and offering a number of Terrorism solutions within one policy. 

Terrorism video still

How can you protect your business from terrorism and political violence risk?

Multinational companies, no matter the size, are facing the risks. We’ve aligned our expertise and invested in new technology to create a service which helps clients identify and mitigate them.

Contact our team

Piers Gregory
Head of Terrorism &
Political Violence

Ashwin Kapoor
Terrorism Manager

Cara Brown
Senior Underwriter