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One step ahead

Watch a quick overview video to learn how the digital business accelerated campaign can put you one step ahead with your clients. 

What did we learn from the research? 


Chubb collaborated with Accenture to survey 1,350 business professionals and executives of small and mid-sized businesses from nine markets around the globe to learn how they're navigating the digital landscape — and the results are potentially even more relevant now. We've analyzed how you can help your clients navigate the new risks they may not even know exist. 


86% of businesses know their success will be affected by providing seamless, on-demand customer experiences.

# 1

Adopting cloud is the top current priority for improving processes or scaling their business.


77% are focused on providing flexible, remote work solutions.


53% say their greatest technological challenge is AI implementation in objects. 


41% are prioritizing offering products or services internationally, leaving room for opportunity.

Dive into the research

Your clients are likely already adopting more technology in order to stay competitive. Take advantage of all the materials we've created, so you're prepared to discuss the risks and recommend the right solutions for your small and mid-sized business clients. 

Research report

Explore our survey results and detailed analysis of the changing digital landscape. 


Quick-reference guide

Get our top-level insights on key findings from the report.



Hong Kong insights

A more in-depth look at findings in the HK market. 





Watch our webinar

We hosted a conversation and live Q&A with specialists from Chubb and Accenture about how you can use the research to support your clients.

Webinar details

Learn how insights from Digital Business Accelerated can help your clients weigh the risks of digital against the rewards.




English session

In conversation with

Sher Li Tan

Accenture l Managing Director – Insurance Lead, Financial Services Greater China

Ian Ovenden

Chubb | Head of Middle Market & Small Commercial, Asia


With introduction by

Doug White

Chubb | President of Hong Kong & Macau

Cantonese session

In conversation with

Veronica Yuen 

Chubb | Head of Marketing & Communications, Hong Kong 

John Chan

Chubb | Head of Independent Distribution Partners, Hong Kong


With introduction by

Doug White

Chubb | President of Hong Kong & Macau

Bring the insights to your clients

We've created a launch-in-a-box with downloadable materials to help educate your clients about the risks, and rewards, of navigating today's digital landscape.



How to help your clients

With the right strategies and resources, you're in the perfect position to help your small and mid-sized business clients navigate the challenges of growing and protecting their digital business. With Chubb on your side, you can:



Understand the risks that your commercial clients are facing as a result of digital transformation.



Identify insurance gaps and the Chubb solutions that will do the best job of filling them. 



Share your expertise. To build strong, long-term relationships, it's important to not just sell policies but also to be a real partner — both now and in the future. 

Resource hub

We have created a suite of resources for you to use to help explain to your clients the risks of today's evolving digital landscape — and how you can help keep them protected. To make it easy, all of the materials are available here, so you can download or share them from one place. 



How-to guide


PowerPoint presentation


At Chubb, our focus is your success

And we have the experience and stability to back it up


We know that it can be difficult to stay on top of the evolving risks that your clients face. As the world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer with more than $188 billion in assets, we're able to stay on top of the risks first — oftentimes before an incident occurs. That puts us in a position to support you with research and information, but also tailored solutions that can help you sell with confidence.


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