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Whether you’re a management committee member or employee of the incorporated owners of private buildings, you’ll need solid protection against various potential personal liabilities while on the job – from fire to break-ins. Our product offers broad coverage and financial protection to assist in such situations so you can perform your duties with peace of mind.

Coverage Highlights

What It Covers

- General liability

- Management committee liability

 - Property damage

 - Crime

- Voluntary workers compensation

- Legal advancement costs


- Broad definition of ‘Employment Practice Claims’

- Broad definition of ‘Insured’, including all employees

- Continuous cover extension available

- Exceptional claims handling capabilities

- Specialist high-rise underwriters that focus their knowledge and service on this key segment of the strata industry

- Dedicated experts to provide vital loss prevention and risk management advice

- Broad cover with higher limits

- Financial stability and ability to pay claims that rate among the best in the industry, as attested by leading insurance rating services

- Worldwide coverage except for the USA and Canada

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