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Our Directors & Officers policy provides personal protection for directors, officers and management against financial loss arising from the potential exposures associated with managing or supervising the company (whether private or listed), and legal representation expenses regarding regulatory investigations.

Coverage Highlights

  • Defence costs, legal representation expenses, damages, judgements, settlements, bail bond costs, crisis costs, deprivation of asset costs, prosecution costs, public relations expenses
  • Costs arising from extradition proceedings
  • Tax contributions where the parent company has become insolvent and there’s personal liability of an insured
  • Losses incurred against Insured Person for civil fines and penalties


    • Broad definition of insured and covered act
    • Cover for additional excess limit for non-indemnifiable loss for all main board directors
    • Retired director or officer cover for unlimited period of time, if Insurer or Insured terminates or non-renews the policy

The above information is intended to be a general summary for reference only and does not form part of the policy. You should refer to the policy wording for exact terms, conditions and exclusions. The above information shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any of our products outside Hong Kong SAR. For further information, please contact Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited on +852 3191 6800.

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