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It’s important to have a process in place to identify weaknesses in your computing systems before they lead to a data breach or system downtime. 


If left unchecked, these weaknesses can be exploited by cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access to your systems, networks, and data – which is why it’s critical to identify those weaknesses as quickly as possible. External Vulnerability Monitoring can help you identify these kinds of vulnerabilities – especially those unknown ones that emerge or persist over time. 


With External Vulnerability Monitoring, you can monitor cyber risk as a daily measurement of your organization’s security performance, determined through externally observable Internet web traffic. The platform highlights both strengths and potential weaknesses and provides several key measurements, including an overall rating, that gives you visibility into the security of your organization. Detailed logging information is also available to help you track down the source of any issues.


Ratings are generated daily, giving continuous visibility into the performance of your security program. With the ability to determine the security details used to generate your organization’s rating, pertinent security issues can be mitigated and tracked over time. In addition to receiving daily scores, you can view up to 12 months of rating and industry comparisons.

External Vulnerability Monitoring Highlights

External Vulnerability Monitoring helps you identify vulnerabilities using an online platform that requires no hardware or software installation. This service:

  • Provides objective, quantitative measurements on your company’s security performance
  • Analyzes existing security events, network traffic, and technical practices to produce daily numerical ratings
  • Uses public Internet traffic so no onsite equipment or installation is required
  • Delivers an ongoing data-driven security rating that you can share with your company’s stakeholders and executives when providing updates about your cyber security program
  • Benchmarks your organization against industry peers and competitors
  • Provides a look into the big picture of your organization’s progress when it comes to cyber security


How to Access

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