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Asset Management Protector By Chubb.

A flexible, modular liability insurance policy that helps protect forms and funds from their most critical professional and management liability exposures.

Private Equity+

A solution for the unique personal and business exposures that could result from performing or failing to perform the duties of pivate equity firms.

Chubb Advantage® Miscellaneous Professional Liability Policy

The Chubb Advantage® Miscellaneous Professional Liability policy is designed to provide complete coverage for a wide variety of professional service industries.

Chubb Professional Portfolio

Get the complete coverage you need with Chubb’s bendable policy. You have a choice of four integrated coverages, designed to work as standalone policies or together, resulting in an acclimated solution designed to address your specific needs.


If your company gathers and disseminates information, then you face the same litany of media liability exposures as a publisher, broadcaster, advertising agency, video or film producer, or any other media organization. Chubb’s MediaGuard policy offers E&O liability protection for both traditional and non-traditional media organizations.

Lawyers Professional Liability

Each law firm’s culture is unique and your insurance should be too. With Chubb, you get the benefits of bendable, acclimated -made coverage and quality service.

Employed Lawyers Professional Liability

As an in-house council, you are likely being asked to take on services that used to be delegated to outside firms. Doing so can open you up to additional liability exposures, especially to non-client third parties. Chubb’s Employed Lawyers Professional Liability policy addresses this risk.

Integrity+ by Chubb ®

This integrated financial insurance solution provides broad liability and first-party cyber protection for a wide array of E&O, data security, privacy, media and intellectual property infringement exposures.

Chubb Advantage® Architects and Engineers Professional Liability

Design professionals constantly face new risks, from broadened contractual requirements, new technologies, increasing emphasis on sustainability, and more. Reduce your exposures with Chubb’s bendable policy that can be acclimated to your needs.