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Get the complete coverage you need with Chubb’s policy. You have a choice of four integrated coverages, designed to work as standalone policies or together, resulting in a tailored solution designed to address your specific needs.

Coverage Highlights

Innovative coverage

Chubb’s Professional Portfolio offers bendable, complete insurance coverage that addresses the convergence of E&O, media liability and cyber exposures. Choose from four integrated coverage parts designed to work as standalone policies or together to create a solution acclimated to address your specific business needs:

  • Miscellaneous Professional and Technology Services Liability
  • Technology Products and Services Liability
  • MediaGuard
  • CyberSecurity

Chubb’s Professional Portfolio’s agile policy design allows companies to select only the coverage parts you need today, and is flexible enough to continue to meet your needs as you grow. The policy’s coverage parts help to seamlessly address the converging risks and reduce potential gaps in coverage. The modular approach streamlines claims handling with a single insurer when one event impacts multiple coverages.

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Read our sell sheet, "Chubb Professional Portfolio,” for additional information about Chubb Professional Portfolio.