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For nearly four decades, Chubb Insurance has played an important role in worldwide entertainment, underwriting comprehensive protection for all aspects of the industry including feature films, documentaries, TV series, commercials, training and educational films, theatrical shows, music videos, and special events.

Chubb's Entertainment Unit can protect you against production-related losses.

Film and Television Coverage Highlights

Chubb Commercial Insurance

Chubb understands the exposures that exist in your industry and designs an acclimated approach for each production.

Chubb’s Film Producer’s Risk policy can include all, but is not limited to, the following types of coverages:

  • Production interruption due to:
    • Illness or injury of cast and crew
    • Negative film and "Faulty" problems
    • Extra Expenses if property is damaged
  • Props Sets and Wardrobe
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Third party property damage
  • Office contents
  • Money & Securities
  • Animal Mortality

Theatre Coverage Highlights

Chubb has secured a lasting role in theatre's history by offering insurance coverages designed to meet the demands of complex and costly projects.

A typical Chubb Theatre policy includes coverages for:

  • Theatrical property
  • Performance Disruption
  • General Liability

Theatrical Property

Chubb’s definition of theatrical property includes any property used in the production, such as props, sets, wardrobe, sound and lighting equipment, mechanical and computer equipment, and backstage property. We value property on a replacement cost basis.

Insurance applies whether items are onstage, at a rehearsal space or in transit. Protection begins before the show opens and lasts through the final curtain call.

Our Theatrical Package policy gives producers the ability to protect the personal effects of all employees when those items are in the theater or otherwise in the care, custody or control of the production company.

Performance Disruption

Chubb offers the broad business income protection to meet the needs of large stage and touring productions.When the show can’t go on as scheduled, not only is revenue lost, but the production may be hit with extra expenses to get back on track.

Our Performance Disruption insurance protects against losses resulting from cancellation, interruption or postponement of one or more performances due to unexpected circumstances beyond our insured’s control. This includes the company’s inability to open a new production as scheduled. Typical industry business income policies only insure losses caused by damage to insured property.


Film Producers Risk (Film & Television)

Special Entertainment Package(Commercials, Documentaries, Industrial, Training and Educational Films)

Specialty Event Liability

Theatrical Package