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Life Sciences

Whether your company is a start-up firm focusing solely on research and development or a mature firm with both manufacturing and research facilities, you need specialized insurance protection that responds to situations unique to R&D operations in the fast paced and highly competitive life sciences industry.

Chubb has specialized products that respond to these needs.

We offer protection that includes:

  • Product liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by drug, biologic or medical device.
  • Enhanced liability coverage for human clinical trials.
  • Coverage for clinical trials consultants’ professional services.
  • Coverage for product withdrawal expenses
  • Coverage tailored to your biotechnology research and development property.
  • Coverage for business income losses arising out of a covered physical loss or damage to R&D property.
  • Innovative and flexible business income coverage for R&D operations.
  • Coverage for direct physical loss or damage to your property caused by or resulting from organisms, microorganisms, gas or liquid.
  • Additional coverage for pollutant clean-up and removal.
  • Errors and Omissions insurance for professional service companies such as contract research organizations and contract manufacturers.