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Valuable Articles Insurance

Protect your valuables so their stories continue for generations to come.

We understand that your treasures reflect your personal journey. That’s why we look for ways to say yes and to do more — by providing insurance for your collections, helping you protect your artwork, jewellery, wine and spirits, antiques, and more — so your special items will last a lifetime and beyond.


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While typical homeowner’s policies are designed to protect your home and what’s inside, there is usually limited coverage for valuable possessions — such as jewellery, fine art, wine and spirits, antiques, and collectibles — that may get lost, stolen, or damaged. A Chubb Valuable Articles policy provides insurance for your collections, so you can feel confident that your special possessions are protected.




"They gave me a tremendous amount of confidence, and I was very grateful for their timely response."


Scott K., Dallas, TX
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4 questions to determine where to keep your valuables

If you’d like to protect your valuables, we're here to help. Answer these 4 questions to determine where to store your valuables.

Why you need an appraisal for your collectibles — and how to get one

Whether you’ve inherited a few pieces of jewellery, are starting to collect sports memorabilia, or have invested in wine or fine art over the years, your collectibles are a part of your history and your story. Any time you own a valuable collection, consider getting the items appraised. Here’s why.




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