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When an employee is diagnosed with a critical condition, provincial and private plans do not take care of all of the related costs. For anyone recovering from a critical illness, at a time when income is potentially reduced and expenses have increased, Critical Illness Insurance is not a “nice to have” but a must have. We were one of the first insurance companies to offer group critical illness to Canadians, and we remain in the forefront of the industry by measuring the financial impact medical conditions have on employees and continually expanding our offerings.

Critical Illness Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • 23 covered conditions, including cancer recurrence.
  • A tax free1 lump sum benefit is paid to an insured in addition to any other insurance, and can be used at their discretion.
  • 2nd Event and other partial payments are included.

Standalone coverage can be provided on either a mandatory or optional basis.

Mandatory Plan

  • Guaranteed issue limits:
    • 5 - 9 lives, up to $50,000
    • 10 - 49 lives, up to $100,000
    • 50 - 99 lives, up to $200,000
    • 100+ lives, up to $250,000
  • No pre-existing condition provision or 90 day Cancer moratorium for groups over 75 lives.
  • All groups under 75 lives – 6/6 Pre-existing Exclusion period
  • Family Plan coverage option
  • Standard termination age: 70 with the option to increase to 75 with a 50% reduction at age 70
  • We can arrange to include CAREPath Cancer Assistance program.

Upgrade your mandatory plan to our Deluxe2 offering and gain the following:

  • Removal of the 30 day survival period.
  • Addition of a Critical Care Expense Allowance Benefit3

The Critical Care Expense Allowance Benefit provides medical and non-medical expenses as a result of a diagnosed covered condition up to a maximum of $1,000, including:

  1. Registered graduate nurse expenses;
  2. Transportation costs for medical treatments, physician appointments, or post-diagnosing testing;
  3. Rental costs of wheelchairs or other equipment;
  4. Drugs or medicines;
  5. Meals for the Insured and one attending caregiver during extended hospital visits;
  6. Parking costs at medical facilities;
  7. Daycare costs for children;
  8. Pet care costs such as day boarding, in home care, or dog walking, and
  9. Pharmacogenetic testing.

Optional Plan

  • Guaranteed issue amount up to $50,000 on an optional basis, regardless of group size
  • Overall coverage limit to $250,000 (benefit amounts in excess of $50,000 subject to medical evidence)
  • Minimum participation requirement: 5 insured lives
  • Coverage available to employees and their spouses
  • Add your children to the plan, 1 premium covers all kids.
  • Standard termination age:  70

Whether an individual receives the news they have been diagnosed with a critical condition and are bracing themselves for a long recovery battle, or they have been hospitalized suddenly due to an accident or sickness, the emotional impact is immeasurable.

  1. Based on CRA guidelines as of the date of the production of this page (06-2017).
  2. Chubb Life’s Critical Illness Deluxe Plan is only available through Mandatory Critical Illness Insurance.
  3. Critical Care Expense Benefits may be subject to limitations and/or proof of payment as detailed in the policy. 

Critical Illness

Learn how this plan can help your clients avoid the financial strain a major illness can create.

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