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Dramatic weather patterns and land development are reducing the earth’s capacity for water absorption and increasing the risk of floods. That’s why even if you don’t live near the water, protecting your home from unexpected flooding is important. A homeowner’s policy alone may not be enough, which is why we provide optional overland water protection.

At Chubb, our overland water solution helps ensure that your home has protection that goes beyond the bare minimum. Our priority is doing what it takes to make you whole again after covered loss because we’re all about preserving what matters most. Chubb’s Overland Water Coverage is available as an added coverage to your homeowner’s policy and offers enhanced water damage coverage.* The Overland Water Coverage will help protect you from losses that result from these occurrences:

  • Overflow of inland waters, natural or artificial
  • Unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters

Chubb’s Overland Water Coverage complements existing water damage coverages already in your homeowner’s policy like sewer backup and accidental water damage from situations like a burst water pipe or a leaking dishwasher.

*For qualified policyholders

— You won’t have to worry

If you experience flood damage, we’re committed to delivering a seamless, hassle-free experience while we work to get you back on your feet. If you can’t stay in your home during rebuilding or repairs, we make sure your living expenses, like a comfortable place to stay, or meals and other necessities, are covered while you’re away from home. *    *Subject to policy limits.

— Responsiveness is our top priority

We’ve trained our Claims Adjusters to get in touch with you as soon as possible once the initial report is received. And our Claims Adjusters have the authority to pay claims, but can’t deny a claim without a manager’s approval. 

— You’ll benefit from our focus on prevention and protection

We help you protect your home from overland water damage in the first place. That’s why we’ll reimburse you up to $5,000 to safely move your valuable belongings out of a flood warning area, or to better safeguard your home from an imminent threat, like placing sandbags or barriers around the perimeter of your home.

Chubb Tips

Chubb’s Overland Water Coverage helps protect you from losses that result from inland waters overflowing, mudflow, and collapse of land along a body of water.

"Next to spring thaw, heavy storm rainfall is the most common cause of flooding. Heavy rains caused by thunderstorms – or warm, moist air rising rapidly – can produce flash floods."
Chubb Overland Water Coverage Flyer

Chubb's Overland Water Coverage Flyer

Protect your home with watertight coverage.


Disclaimer: This information is descriptive only. All products may not be available in all provinces and territories. Coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued.