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Private Equity firms engage in activities from startup equity financing to the buy-out of a portfolio company to advising or serving on the board of directors. Such a wide range of responsibilities creates unique personal and business exposures that could result in third party lawsuits for performing or failing to perform these functions. However, Chubb has a solution.

Coverage Highlights


Coverage extensions
  • Portfolio company pre-acquisition defence costs resulting from lawsuits brought against the private equity firm as controlling shareholder of a portfolio company
  • Crisis cost incurred by the private equity firm in hiring a public relations firm to mitigate potential reputation damages as a result of the termination of a key executive 
  • Defence costs incurred by a private equity firm executive resulting from his or her being interviewed by regulatory enforcement agencies
Key Professional Services Coverage
  • Customary advice to help develop portfolio companies
  • Extending or refusing to extend credit
  • Portfolio company financings, buyouts, including disputes due to breaches
  • Winding down/liquidating a portfolio company


Four types of coverage in one policy:

  1. Management Liability
  2. Outside Directorship Liability
  3. Professional Services Liability
  4. Employment Practices Liability
  • In-depth understanding of private equity firms
  • Ability to meet locally and develop customized solutions across the nation
  • Reputation for providing best in class services
  • Consistently ranked among the highest for financial stability

Get to Know Chubb’s Private Equity+

As a pioneer in the development of comprehensive blended coverage for Private Equity+SM Firms dating back to 1997, Chubb has a deep understanding of emerging private equity exposures and continuously strives to develop market-leading coverage enhancements to address these unique concerns.