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Our Technology Insurance specialists concentrate on responding to the rapidly changing, global industry by designing insurance products and services to meet the particular needs of electronics, information technology and telecommunications businesses around the world.

We offer customized insurance protection for:

  • Software and system developers.
  • Data processors.
  • Web hosting and design facilities.
  • Access providers and co-location facilities.
  • Systems integrators, value-added resellers, and consultants.
  • Hardware, equipment and component manufacturers and assemblers.
  • Internet, networking and other communications services.


In addition to the standard coverage that provides property and general liability protection, Chubb also offers:

  • Income Protection to ensure that your company can continue its operations after an unforeseen catastrophe involving your organization or a supplier. This includes:
    • Coverage for extra expenses and income to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible following a loss.
    • Worldwide dependent business income protection that responds if one of your suppliers suffers a loss that destroys their facility, making it impossible to fulfill their commitment to you.
    • Income protection after your property is destroyed helps buffer your losses when loyal customers must go elsewhere while you rebuild or repair your facility.
    • New product delay coverage that pays income losses that result in the delay of a product due to a covered loss at your R&D facility.
    • Intellectual Property Coverage that responds to a wide range of copyright, plagiarism, and libel and slander issues.
    • Errors and Omissions Coverage that protects you when a delivered product or service fails to perform as promised—or causes damage to a customer’s data or business.
    • Loss of Project Insurance that covers the cost of reproducing lost research or a prototype.
    • Damage to Electronic Products Coverage that fills the gap typical in standard “General Liability” policies for the cost to repair or replace your product that is damaged after installation in your customer’s systems.