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If your company collects and disseminates information, then you face the same litany of media liability exposures as a publisher, broadcaster, advertising agency, video or film producer, or any other media organizer. Chubb’s MediaGuard policy offers E&O liability protection for both traditional and non-traditional media organizations.

Coverage Highlights


  • Optional occurrence form covers activities that occur during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is first made
  • “All risk” coverage goes beyond specified “named perils” to include risks arising out of the core functions of advertising, broadcasting, publishing, and video and film production
  • Built-in coverage for advertising content
  • Broad publication coverage for any claim alleging harm to a person or entity that acted or failed to act in reliance upon the information published
  • Our customer fully controls whether to settle or retract content and can choose between reimbursement of defence costs or duty to defend
  • No “insured versus insured” exclusion with respect to internal copyright disputes
  • Punitive damages coverage, where insurable by law
  • Minimum of 90 days coverage for acquisitions and creations (organizations, covered media) with potential for automatic coverage until the end of the policy period (depending upon actual or projected revenues)
  • Internet Liability clause with automatic coverage for websites created following policy inception

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Read "Delivering Security in a World of Risk” to learn more about MediaGuard.