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Insurance Highlights

  • State-of-the-Art Solutions. With Chubb, you can relax knowing you have broad, global insurance that can be customized to meet your business insurance needs.
  • Flexible and Integrated. You can purchase only the Coverages you need. Our coordinated approach gives you a single point of access to multiple lines of insurance, each of which, have been developed to respond in a specific way to physical and digital risks. 
  • Specialized Focus. Chubb was one of the first insurers to recognize industries with unique characteristics, experiences and financial exposures. Our dedicated underwriting, claims and risk engineering specialists continue to apply the expertise you need.
  • Cyber and Data Security Risk Services. Chubb’s Cyber team is ready to help you prevent and prepare to respond to actual or potential incidents. Services include online intelligence and pre-event evaluations. You can also receive Cyber Response Coaching, along with a list of dedicated service providers, to help you manage the complex regulatory and legal processes in the event of a privacy data breach.  

Innovative Insurance Solutions

Integrity+ by Chubb ® is a policy that distinguishes between your different liabilities and obligations; and consciously differentiates claims made by customers from claims made by vendors, or supplier’s and claims made by other third parties. You can select from four separate Coverages, each of which are designed to work on a standalone basis or together; to create solutions customized to your business.

Insurance Agreement


Provides insurance protection for:

Errors and Omissions Liability

Insured’s   customer

Financial injury due to an actual or alleged product or service defect or contract   performance failure.

Destructive Programming Liability

Vendors, suppliers or other Third Parties, other than insured’s customer

Damages and claimants costs sustained by a third party resulting from destructive programming from an actual or suspected failure to perform your obligations under a written contract that authorizes you to use a third party’s system.

Cyber Liability

Third Parties other than insured’s customer

Damages and claimant costs sustained by third parties (other than your customer) you are legally obligated to pay for injuries caused by unauthorized access or use of software, data or other information in electronic form.

Disclosure of Confidential Information, Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement, and Reputation Disparagement

Third Parties other than insured’s customer

Damages and claimant costs sustained by a third party (other than your customer) resulting from actual or suspected disclosure of confidential information, intellectual property infringement or reputation disparagement.

First Party Additional Coverages with separate first party limits of insurance for the following expenses incurred in connection with an actual or suspected privacy data breach:

  • Privacy Notification
  • Forensics
  • Remediation and Crisis Management
  • Investigation and Defense of Regulatory Actions

Other First Party Additional Coverages available with separate first party limits of insurance for:

  • Cyber-Threat    
  • Cyber-Reward
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Confidential Information Breach 
  • Impairment of Computer Services (business income, extra expense and data recovery cost)

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Satisfies customer and supplier contractual insurance requirements.
  • Offers an integrated solution with Chubb’s General Liability and Property/Business Income Insurance that help minimize gaps and uncertainties.
  • Provides insurance protection for financial injuries from contract performance failure or actual or suspected product or service defects or deficiencies.
  • Insurance is extended to include defense of  your customers, vendors or others if you assumed such responsibility prior to loss in an written contract in connection with  your business. Additional insurance is available to address the needs for insurance protection

       to address delay exposures, including the return of        amounts paid for your products or your services.

  • Additional insurance is available for fines and penalties following privacy data breach.
  • Includes insurance for privacy data breach expenses of your customers, if you assumed such responsibility prior to loss in a written contract related to your products or services.
  • Specialized insurance protection available as part of Chubb’s Package Policy, or as part of Integrity+ by Chubb ® for electronic data recovery costs, business income loss and extra expense caused by or resulting from an act of malicious programming.

Target Clients

  • Technology (segment extension available)
  • General & Advanced Manufacturing (segment extension available)
  • Life Sciences (segment extension available)
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Clean Tech
  • Process Control/Integration