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It’s safe to assume that with enough effort an employee’s username and password could be guessed and/or stolen. This is exactly what MFA protects against. With MFA, if a bad actor obtains one of your employee’s usernames and passwords, they still cannot access the application because they will not have the MFA token, such as a code that is provided via text, email, an app, etc. An MFA Assessment will help you identify gaps in your organization’s MFA deployment and provide guidance on how to address any exposures. 

MFA Assessment Highlights

With an MFA Assessment, you’ll receive guidance on how to mitigate any exposures identified during a review and test of your organization’s MFA protocols. The assessment:

  • Examines your known internet presence, including any in-scope subsidiaries
  • Identifies the various web-based applications used by your organization that do not have MFA installed
  • Identifies network services or passwords that may be at risk of being stolen by cyber criminals
  • Offers practical recommendations for implementing or improving your MFA deployment

MFA Implementation Highlights

Do you need help selecting, designing, and implementing an MFA solution? Chubb understands that implementing MFA can be a challenge for many organizations, and we offer resources to our policyholders to make it as simple and affordable as possible. Get help implementing MFA in key areas of your network, including:

  • Web mail: implementing MFA on web mail can help prevent your business email accounts from getting compromised
  • Remote network access: requiring MFA to access your remote network access points, such as VPNs and remote desktops, is critical, particularly with more people working from home and/or other remote locations
  • Cloud systems: implementing MFA on any cloud applications and/or third-party hosting services used by your organization makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your data

How to Access

To sign up for the MFA Assessment as a Chubb policyholder, click here to request services.

MFA Helps Shut Cyber Criminals Out

This whitepaper, coauthored by Chubb and Microsoft, explores simple ways to block these increasingly complex attacks.