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Even the most highly reputed and rigorously tested software applications can include coding errors or defects. These bugs can slow performance, cause systems to crash, and even introduce vulnerabilities into the software – which cyber criminals can then exploit to gain unauthorized access to your network. Regardless of the severity, bugs can be detrimental for your organization, leading to business downtime that impacts your bottom line. Although most vulnerabilities can be fixed by applying patches released by the developers, it can be difficult for organizations to stay informed about the latest releases and keep their systems up-to-date.


The Chubb Cyber Vulnerability Alert System is designed to help you stay on top of the vulnerabilities relevant to you and your organization. Once registered, you’ll receive biweekly emails containing pertinent information about newly identified vulnerabilities of the software you use. You select the software platforms you want to receive alerts for when you register, and you can update this at any time. 


The Chubb Cyber Vulnerability Alert System will also send special alerts when a severe software vulnerability is identified that requires immediate attention. Each alert email includes a summary of the identified issue, as well as information and resources to help you address it. 

How to Access

To sign up for the Chubb Cyber Vulnerability Alert System as a Chubb policyholder, click here to request services.

Request Cyber Services

All Chubb policyholders are eligible for cyber services. Get the most value from your Chubb policy and request access today.