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Premier Variable Universal Life is a well-suited solution satisfying both the need for protection and investment which gives you the flexibility in investment to easily grow your assets, in line with your individual financial goals and demands through different life stages, while fully meeting the need to protect you and your family against unpredictable risks.

Product Highlights


  • Flexible feature that allows customers to actively choose investment ratios in accordance with their expectations and risk appetite through 3 fund options: Sustainability Fund, Balance Fund, and Growth Fund.
  • Effective investment with the leading fund investment experts from VinaCapital.
  • Proactive and flexible investment whenever there is a need to catch up on opportunities to increase assets when the financial market prospers.
  • Easy adjustment in investment planning at any time to cater to fluctuations in the financial market.
  • Opportunity to increase personal wealth with attractive bonuses.


  • Diversified protection plans with 3 benefit packages: Plan 65, Plan 80, and Plan 99.
  • Comprehensive protection solutions with a portfolio of unit deducting riders.

Designed with flexibility which is clearly reflected in the investment benefits, and inherited the superior protection features of insurance products Chubb Life had launched to the market, Premier Variable Universal Life can be considered as a solution for customers to an effective balance between different finances for personal and family protection demands against unpredictable risks, and especially long-term investment plans.

Unit Deducting Riders For Additional Protection Benefits

Variable Universal Life Fund Information

Variable Universal Life Fund (“Fund”): means a (the) fund(s) formed from premiums of unit-linked insurance policies. The Variable Universal Life Fund is established from time to time, managed and invested in a portfolio selected by Chubb Life and in compliance with all requirements and

Chubb Life will determine the Net Asset Value and Unit Price of each Variable Universal Life Fund on the Valuation Date. The pricing period is regulated by Chubb Life but not less than once per week, except on public holidays, Tet holidays, or other cases as prescribed by the law. The Unit Price of the fund will be updated regularly and publicly on the official website of Chubb Life. regulations of Vietnamese laws.

Unit Pricing:

  • Each Variable Universal Life Fund is divided into several Units with equal value.
  • Unit Price of each Fund is determined by dividing the Variable Universal Life Fund's Net Asset Value by the total Units of such Fund on each Valuation Date.
  • Periodic unit pricing  is carried out at least once a week (except for holidays, Tet holidays, or other cases as prescribed by the applicable law) and the Unit Price will be published weekly on the website, please see information on the Fund’s Unit Prices here: