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September 10th

May NgESIS Canada, Assistant Vice President

Jacob Snell Chubb, AVP Financial Lines in Underwriting

Four Under Forty

Tuesday, September 10 from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Edmonton Convention Centre


  • May Ng, ESIS Canada, Assistant Vice President
  • Jacob Snell, Chubb, AVP Financial Lines in Underwriting
  • Julia Hewitt, Encana, Insurance Risk Manager
  • Lance J. Ewing, Cotton Holdings Inc., Executive Vice President, Global Risk Management
  • Andrew Barker, Iridium Risk Services Inc., Partner

The next generation of risk and Insurance industry leaders are not only diverse in who they are but how they think and how they are transforming the future of our industry. This panel session will include a risk manager, an underwriter, a claims leader and a broker with diverse views and thought leadership, all under the age of 40. The panel, led by a seasoned moderator will explore where risk management has been and what changes are needed, how young professional brokers are bringing positive disruption to the traditional client-broker relationship, what is the future of claims technology and how a new breed of underwriters view risk, along with numerous other shared and diverse viewpoints. Audience interaction will make this a NOT to miss session.


  • Insights into the thought leadership of the next generation of risk and insurance professionals
  • How diversity and inclusion will be the platform for risk management and our industry
  • Cultivating, attracting and retaining young professionals to insurance and risk management

RIMS Canada Dinner with Chubb Insurance

Chubb Insurance requests the pleasure of your company at our annual RIMS Canada Dinner.  

Please note that this dinner is by invitation only.