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How to handle and display your sports memorabilia for best results

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Whether you prefer baseball cards, football jerseys, or other sports-related collectibles, how you handle and display them can affect their value over time. To help you keep your collection in good condition, we’ve put together a few useful tips:

  • Minimize handling. Try to handle your items as little as possible. Every time you touch or handle them, you cause wear and risk damaging your valuables.
  • Display items in a protective case. Consider a display case with a UV protective shield to keep your valuable items – especially jerseys, textiles, or autographs – from fading due to sunlight.
  • Keep items in “game condition if that’s how you got them. Part of the charm and value of items that were actually used in a game is that they are somewhat worn already – by someone famous. So, don’t be tempted to clean sweat marks, grass stains or repair rips or tears.
  • Store sports cards in non-toxic plastic sleeves or cases. This will allow you to admire them and show them to others while minimizing the risk of them getting damaged.
  • Keep autograph books out of direct sunlight. Consider storing them in archival boxes in a cool, dry place.
  • Put protective and security measures in place. You’ll want to have a home security system set up to protect your valuable sport memorabilia, as well as fire detection and water leak detection devices.
  • Think about where you’re storing your collectibles. If you’re considering storing or displaying items in the basement, you may want to think again. That’s because basements are generally more susceptible to water damage, which is one of the biggest causes of loss.
  • Consider installing a water shut-off device. We’ve found that water damage accounts for roughly 45% of interior property damage claims --- more than fire or burglary. Installing a water leak detection device that has an automatic shut off when water is detected can help save your home and valuables from major damage.
  • Shut off water when you go away. Another way to help eliminate the risk of water damage to your collectibles is to shut off your water if you go away from a weekend or on vacation. 


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