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Chubb insures what matters most.

You can’t stop the unexpected, but you can plan for it.


You have worked hard for your success. 

To help you safeguard the life you’ve built, our exceptional team of professionals provide proactive risk management guidance, customized insurance coverage, and outstanding claims service. 

Whatever you’re insuring — your house, your car, against cyber threats, a piece of artwork, or anything else you value — we’re a responsive, knowledgeable, and empathetic partner. 

We strive to do more to help protect you and make you whole.

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Our mission

We promise to be there for you — before, during, and after a claim

From customized coverage and loss prevention services to our renowned claims service, we strive to exceed your expectations of what an insurance company can do for you.

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Exceptional Service

When the situation is at its worst, we’re there for you at our best

Chubb understands the shock and emotions that accompany the physical loss of something you value. We not only replace what’s gone — we work quickly to make things right. 

Our approach

Coverage tailored to your needs, exceptional professional teams, worldwide capabilities — there are many elements that make Chubb stand out from other insurers. Here are two highlights:


We’re unique for our risk consulting capabilities

Chubb consults with our clients to evaluate their home or other valuables with the goal of predicting and preventing losses. We identify potential issues for water leaks, security, and more — to help you avert potential disasters.

We don’t just process claims, we make things right

When a catastrophe strikes, our exceptional claims team acts with speed, empathy, integrity, and attention to detail. We find the solutions that help to restore what you’ve lost. 

What we offer
What we offer

Homeowners Insurance

Your home represents both a financial and an emotional investment. Protect it with a policy backed by dedication to helping you rebuild your life after a claim — promptly, without hassles or headaches. 

Valuable Articles Insurance

Your treasures — like artwork, jewellery, wine and spirits, antiques, and more — reflect your personal journey. Rely on our deep expertise to predict the possible risks to your collections — and rely on our insurance to protect them for a lifetime and beyond. 

Water Damage Prevention

Water damage from burst pipes or leaking appliances is currently the number one source of property damage from non-weather related losses. We help clients detect water problems before they escalate. 

Cyber Insurance

Increasingly sophisticated online criminals pose a risk to your financial health, your reputation, and the safety of your family. Experience our range of insurance protections and risk services that help mitigate the risk of cyber threats, advocate for you, and cover loss of funds in the event of a covered incident. 

Auto, Liability, Watercraft, and More

You have a lot to protect. Whatever your insurance needs, stay ahead of the gaps in your exposures and discover how we can be a proactive partner for the important things in life that need safeguarding. 

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Cyber Insurance

Defence against cyber threats, delivered with a human touch

Whether we’re helping to repair your identity or restore your stolen funds, our broad and deep cyber security capabilities offer peace of mind against malicious online threats.

Why Chubb?

Raise your expectations of what your insurer should deliver

Successful individuals and families appreciate the value we provide. Our consultative specialists help predict and prevent trouble to protect you against risk of loss. Our products are personalized for your unique requirements. Our exceptional teams provide a high-level of bespoke service in the event of a claim. 

Chubb helps you plan for the unexpected — and we look for ways to do more to make you whole when the unforeseen happens.

Creative, tailored — and evolving — problem solving

The personal risk landscape evolves rapidly and no two of our clients are alike. By carefully assessing trends and your unique exposures, we innovate with new products, broader coverages,  and services that help mitigate emerging threats.

Worldwide responsiveness and expertise

In 98% of our Masterpiece claims, our adjusters make contact within six hours or less of the initial report. Our claims teams, located across 54 countries, are here to help you 24/7.

Unmatched expertise and financial strength

Chubb has served clients for over 200 years. Our longevity, expertise, and financial strength are the backbone of our business. That’s why successful individuals and families trust Chubb as their insurance partner. 

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