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Client Stories

Hear stories from clients who experienced the Chubb difference first-hand.



Client Stories

Robbie W.

"We were dealing with absolutely the right company to look after our home insurance."

Darrell B.

When a PVC fitting from his refrigerator split resulting in significant water damage to Darrell's home, Chubb acted quickly to minimise disruption.

Rami B.

When Rami’s family home was robbed, Chubb looked beyond the financial value to understand the sentimentality of what was stolen.

Brian & Gretchen.

After a sudden fire destroyed Gretchen and Brian’s home, Chubb made sure their family could pick up where they left off.

Yuctan & Gillian H.

When a ceiling leak led to an unexpected restoration, all Gillian and Yuctan had to do was pick the finishing touches.

Richard L.

When Rich’s shower leak turned into a full renovation, Chubb stood by its promise.

Randy B.

When Randy and his wife experienced a house fire, they were thankful to have Chubb on their side.

Paul M.

When a leak in Paul’s kitchen required a complete renovation, Chubb was there every step of the way.

Nancy M.

Nancy had never heard a good insurance story. But when a storm came through and a tree fell and destroyed her home, Chubb stepped in to prove her wrong.

Carol W.

Carol was devastated after major water leaks damaged the home of her dreams. But, Chubb was there to make her whole again.

Kirtley C.

When Kirtley and her family lost their home in a fire, Chubb committed to making their lives easier every step of the way.

Marc & Deb S.

After Marc and Deb’s newly-built dream home flooded, Chubb was there at a moment’s notice to make them whole again.

Chubb Brokers

Hear what our long standing brokers believe sets Chubb apart from its competitors.

Joe & Roberta Z.

"If you are unfortunate enough to have a situation like ours, you want to be fortunate enough to have an insurance company like Chubb."

Geoff C.

When nature struck and Geoff was forced to close the doors to his family owned business, Chubb was there to make sure he was able to reopen them in five weeks.

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