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Ronald S. & Noah G.

After Ronald and Noah’s one-of-a-kind sculpture was damaged, Chubb responded quickly to ensure their beloved piece was made whole again.

Chubb cares about you, and the pieces you love most.

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Ronald and Noah were having renovations done on their apartment and decided to ship some of their art away for safe keeping. When their pieces were returned, they noticed right away that their one-of-a-kind sculpture had been badly damaged. All over, the surface was cracking and chipping.

For over ten years, they had cherished this sculpture as a special part of their home. They didn’t want to be compensated for their loss; they wanted their beloved sculpture back.

Unsure about what to do, they called their broker, who got in touch with Chubb. Instantly, Ronald and Noah felt at ease and confident that Chubb could be counted on to get this resolved. Chubb met their expectations at every turn and contacted the artist studio to have their sculpture refabricated – making sure that their beloved piece was made whole again and safely returned home.

"I can’t imagine having any insurer other than Chubb."

Ronald & Noah.

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