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Australia’s Leading Insurer for High Value Home and Contents​

Masterpiece Home & Contents

Masterpiece® is Chubb’s prestige home and contents offering, for people with significant assets to insure, who appreciate a premium level of cover and service that is customisable to their needs. 

Chubb Home Insurance

A comprehensive home and contents policy, for people who appreciate a high-quality level of cover and service, aligned to their budget and needs.

Our Claims Reputation

We pride ourselves on being one of the industry’s best in claims and we have the awards to prove it. Our Australian team is made  qualified and experienced professionals who take a proactive approach to handling your claim to provide you with a speedy outcome.

Facts and Stats


Leading HNW insurer in Australia


Years’ experience insuring High Net Worth Australians


Experienced Home & Contents Claims Handlers in Australia

About Chubb
About Chubb

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Chubb is here to help businesses, families and individuals boldly pursue their dreams. With Chubb you can take on life with less fear and more confidence, so you can dare more, dream more, and do more.

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Why Chubb
Why Chubb

Chubb has over 30 years of experience insuring Australia’s High Net Worth individuals and families.   

With Chubb, you can choose from two premium Home and Contents products to suit your needs.

Chubb has over 100 highly qualified home and contents claims staff located throughout Australia who have been acknowledged as the best in the general insurance market.

We’ll always look out for you. Our extensive network of brokers can help you and your family get covered against potential risks. This means that you get a proactive partner to help prevent issues from happening in the first place.


“Chubb goes the extra mile to make sure that everything's covered and that it's done extremely efficiently. I would recommend them to anybody.”

Robbie W.

When Robbie and his wife returned home to Sydney from overseas to find water damage upstairs, Chubb Insurance worked over New Years to ensure there was minimal disruption to their life.

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Contact Us
Contact Us

Ready to find out more?

To find out more about Chubb’s Home and Contents insurance, get a quote, or to speak to a broker, contact us on 1800 958 233. Alternatively complete this short form and one of our Australian Customer Service Representatives will contact you.