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Cyber Insurance

Chubb’s customisable solutions offer the cover and support you need

Data breaches, electronic theft, denial of service attacks and even simple employee errors make mitigating cyber risk an issue for every organisation . 

Our products

Cyber Insurance

Find out how our Cyber Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Policy can cover your business assets against the complexity of cyber threats.

Cyber Services

Take steps to help reduce your exposures and mitigate potential losses. Chubb’s expertise and specialised solutions can help you do just that.

Cyber Insights

Cyber risks are constantly evolving. We help you understand and mitigate the threats you face with our expert insights on a variety of cyber-related topics.

Cyber Resources

A library of videos, resources and forms all in the one place, to make placing Cyber risk easier for you and your clients.

Catastrophic Cyber Risks - A Growing Concern 

To help ensure market stability and provide coverage clarity for our policyholders, Chubb uses two categories to gauge the impact of a cyber event: Limited Impact Events and Widespread Events. But what does this mean for cyber policyholders?

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