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For manufacturers, a new industrial revolution is underway. Advances in technologies, globalisation and a changing business landscape is completely transforming factory floors and the way manufacturers do business. Manufacturers are now confronted with a range of complex risks, in order for them to survive and prosper they need insurance protection that reflects the specific requirements of their business and the new operating environment. Chubb understands these challenges and complexities and is well positioned to proactively help companies of all sizes navigate and thrive in today’s world of uncertainty with Manufacturing Liability insurance. 

Manufacturing Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • Chubb offers coverage for products as well as services to ensure the changing product mix for manufacturing is appropriately covered
  • No efficacy exclusion
  • Coverage trigger is legal liability not negligence 
  • Financial injury limit does not erode product liability aggregate 
  • Separate E&O limits
  • Contractual liability
  • Professional Indemnity exclusions removed from General Liability in entirety
  • No 'for fee' exclusion
  • Ability to cover malicious tamper contamination recall and recall expenses as an additional benefit

Chubb Manufacturing Insurance Appetite

The following list is general guidance regarding Chubb's appetite for liability risks. For risks not listed below, please contact your local Chubb distribution team to discuss solutions for a range of occupations and industries.

Considered: Not Considered:
Non-critical Automotive Parts
Animal Feed Manufacturers
Safety Critical Aviation Products
Food & Beverage
Chemical Manufacturers
Heating Equipment
Baby Product Manufacturers
Metal & Plastics
Latex Goods Manufacturers
Wood & Paper Manufacturing
Safety Equipment
Playground Equipment 
Government Contractors
Transportation Manufacturers
(Excluding automobile & Trucks)
Fire Arm Manufacturers
Commercial Machinery
Amusement Rides
Clothing & Textiles
Lifting Equipment (Ladders & Scaffolding)
Safety Critical Parts 
Mobile Phones
Sporting Goods Manufacturers

What We Currently Write

This is general guidance regarding the severity classes within Chubb Australia's Casualty portfolio. All risks are underwritten on an individual basis and are not limited to those listed below.

Moderate Severity

  • Clothing & textiles
  • Electronic goods
  • Metal, plastics & paper 
  • Food & beverage
  • Furniture
  • Machinery 
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High Severity
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Wood product manufacturing
  • Transportation 

Why Chubb?

  • Up to $100 million capacity
  • Ability to write business in 54 countries and territories
  • Award winning claims performance
  • Deeply engrained local underwriting expertise within a global network
  • Over 400 risk engineers around the world to help identify and mitigate risk for our clients

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