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In this Statement, We, Our and Us means Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (Chubb).

You and Your refers to Our customers and prospective customers as well as those who use Our Website.

This Statement is a summary of Our Privacy Policy and provides an overview of how We collect, disclose and handle Your Personal Information. Our Privacy Policy may change from time-to-time and where this occurs, the updated Privacy Policy will be posted to Our website.

Chubb is committed to protecting Your privacy. Chubb collects, uses and retains Your Personal Information in accordance with the requirement of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), as amended or replaced from time-to-time.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information

The primary purpose for Our collection and use of Your Personal Information is to enable Us to provide insurance services to You.

Sometimes, We may use Your Personal Information for Our marketing campaigns and research, in relation to new products, services or information that may be of interest to You.

How We Obtain Your Personal Information

We collect Your Personal Information (which may include sensitive information) at various points including, but not limited to, when You are applying for, changing or renewing an insurance policy with Us or when We are processing a claim. Personal Information is usually obtained directly from You, but sometimes via a third party such an insurance intermediary or Your employer (e.g., in the case of a group insurance policy). Please refer to Our Privacy Policy for further details.

When information is provided to Us via a third party We use that information on the basis that You have consented or would reasonably expect Us to collect Your Personal Information in this way. We take reasonable steps to ensure that You have been made aware of how We handle Your Personal Information.

When do We disclose Your Personal Information?

We may disclose the information We collect to third parties, including:

  • the policyholder (where the insured person is not the policyholder, i.e. group policies);
  • service providers engaged by Us to carry out certain business activities on Our behalf (such as claims assessors,
  • call centres in Australia, online marketing agency, etc);
  • intermediaries and service providers engaged by You (such as current or previous brokers, travel agencies and airlines);
  • government agencies (where We are required to by law);
  • other entities within the Chubb group of companies such as the regional head offices of Chubb located in Singapore, UK or USA (Chubb Group of Companies); and
  • third parties with whom We (or the Chubb Group of Companies) have sub-contracted to provide a specific service for Us, which may be located outside of Australia (such as in the Philippines or USA). These entities and their locations may change from time-to-time. Please contact Us, if You would like a full list of the countries in which these third parties are located.

In the circumstances where We disclose Your Personal Information to the Chubb Group of Companies, third parties or third parties outside Australia We take steps to protect Personal Information against unauthorised disclosure, misuse or loss.

Your decision to provide Your Personal Information

In dealing with Us, You agree to provide Us with Your Personal Information, which will be stored, used and disclosed by Us as set out in this Privacy Statement and Our Privacy Policy.


Access to and correction of Your Personal Information

Please contact Our customer relations team on 1800 815 675 or email if You would like:

  • a copy of Our Privacy Policy, or
  • to cease to receive marketing offers from Us or persons with whom We have an association.

To request access to, update or correct Your Personal Information held by Chubb, please complete this Personal Information request form and return to:

Where Your request concerns Chubb Insurance Australia Limited please return the form to:

Fax: + 61 2 9335 3467
Address: GPO Box 4907 Sydney NSW 2001

Where Your request concerns Combined Insurance please return the form to:

Fax: +61 2 9922 2096
Address: PO Box 403 North Sydney NSW 2059

Further information request

If You would like more information about how We manage Your Personal Information, please review Our Privacy Policy for more details, or contact:

Privacy Officer
Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
GPO Box 4907
Sydney NSW 2001
+61 2 9335 3200


How to make a complaint

If You are not satisfied with Our organisation, services, Our response to Your enquiry, or You have any concerns about Our treatment of Your Personal Information or You believe there has been a breach of Our Privacy Policy, or You are not satisfied with any aspect of Your relationship with Chubb and wish to make a complaint, please contact Our Complaints and Customer Resolution Service (CCR Service) by post, phone, fax, or email, (as below):

Complaints and Customer Resolution Service
Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
GPO Box 4065
Sydney NSW 2001
P +61 2 9335 3200
F +61 2 9335 3411

For more information, please read Our Complaints and Customer Resolution policy.