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Masterpiece® Home & Contents

Masterpiece is Chubb’s prestige home and contents insurance offering for people with significant assets to insure who appreciate a premium level of cover and service that is customisable to their needs. 

Upgrade to Masterpiece today


Upgrade your home and contents insurance to Masterpiece

From your home and valuables, to prized collections and jewellery, you have a lot to protect. When you insure your home and contents with Chubb, you will receive a high level of service from an insurer who is specialised in working with successful individuals with high value assets.

What's covered?

As a leader in the market when it comes to providing insurance to high-net-worth Australians, Chubb is in a unique position to offer you a level of service that will ensure you have the right cover. Learn more about what is covered under a Masterpiece Home & Contents policy.



Home & contents

Your home is more than bricks and mortar. It’s full of memories and you're reflected in every detail. So if you experience a claim, you’ll most likely want your life back, and to rebuild without hassles, headaches, or delay.

Jewellery collection

If you are travel frequently, our worldwide coverage ensures that your jewellery is covered against loss, damage, or theft, allowing you that extra comfort when you're away.

Fine arts collection

Your policy can be tailored to include coverage for one-of-a-kind pieces like antique furniture, old master paintings or contemporary art.

Wine collection

Your wine collection is more than just bottles; it's an expression of your taste, a celebration of the arts, and an investment that deserves the highest level of insurance.

Personal liability

Whether it’s a guest injury at your home or damage to a neighbour’s property, we can offer personal liability coverage for you and your family from lawsuits that could arise.

Personal cyber

The need for robust cyber risk awareness and mitigation is critical in today's environment. Protect your personal and sensitive information from cyberattacks with personal cyber coverage.

Let us raise your expectations

Live in comfort

We’ll help you find comparable temporary housing and pay the difference in expenses until you can go home again.

Complimentary services

Complimentary services You’ll get access and referrals to Chubb's network of pre-qualified service providers.

Replacement value

We’ll insure your belongings for the amount it costs to replace them, without depreciation, up to your policy limit.

Cash settlement

In the event of a covered total loss to your home, if you decide not to rebuild or to rebuild at another location, we offer a cash settlement, up to your policy limit.

Risk consulting

Through free home appraisals, our highly trained risk consultants will visit your home to help make sure you are adequately covered.

Replacement coverage

In the event that your contents are damaged, we will replace the details that turned your house into a home, from upgraded appliances to custom cabinets, flooring or carpentry.

What makes Chubb Masterpiece® different?

Owners of valuable assets may be tempted to save on their insurance premiums, but when there is a claim, may find that they are not sufficiently covered. We put our client’s needs first with our 3-step approach.


Chubb's 3-step approach
Chubb's 3-step approach

Step 1 – We believe in total transparency

One of our highly trained risk consultants will visit your home once you're a Masterpiece customer. Architecture will be documented, details will be catalogued, measured and photographed – all  part of our Masterpiece policy. This means we can agree with you upfront, exactly what is insured and for how much, including ‘agreed value’ for valuables and fine art - so you know the exact sum you will receive in the event of a loss.

Step 2 – We provide broad cover

We provide physical loss or damage cover (including accidental damage) with minimal restrictive conditions, no under-insurance penalties and no small print. It comes from understanding what we are insuring. We’ll make sure your belongings are covered for the amount it costs to replace them today.

Step 3 – We aim to pay claims

The moment you make a claim, we are ready to deal with it in a fast, fair and fuss-free way. We have a team of road adjustors who visit properties throughout Australia in the event of a significant claim. Our 100+ claims team based in Sydney are also not just call centre staff; many have years of experience, empowered to make swift decisions to get you back to where you were before your claim.

Let us raise your expectations of what insurers can deliver.


“Chubb’s quick response took away all the stress.”

Darrell B., Chubb Masterpiece client since 2014

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Are you under insured?

Under-insurance means that policyholders who believe they are fully covered for a risk are, in fact, only partially covered against the risks to which they are exposed, even though they have bought insurance.

Five tips for protecting your wine

Whether your wine collecting aims are for personal use or as an investment, wine is finicky and needs a certain amount of care to age well. Here are five quick tips to help you protect your fine wines.

Tips for jewellery appraisals, insurance and daily care

Enjoyment may also come from knowing it is covered for damage or theft and that it always looks its best. To get the most from your jewellery, consider these tips for caring for your jewellery, getting it appraised and finding the right insurance.

Official Insurance Partner of the Australian Open

2024 marks our fifth consecutive year as the Official Insurance Partner of the AO. As one of our major sporting and cultural events of the year, the AO continues to hold true to its values of Imagination, Collaboration, Humility and Excellence – traits which inspire all of us at Chubb.

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