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Wine Cover

Like a work of art or a piece of precious jewellery, a fine bottle of wine can also be insured, as part of your home and contents insurance.


We understand that your collection is more than just bottles; it's an expression of your taste, a celebration of the arts, and an investment that deserves the highest level of insurance. Whether you're an enthusiast, a connoisseur or an avid collector or investor, we offer coverage for your precious wine collection as part of our Masterpiece policy.

Individualised coverage*

We offer flexible, worldwide coverage options to meet your unique needs. Cover an entire collection with blanket coverage, itemise your individual bottles, or do both. It’s up to you.

Optional cash settlement*

In the unfortunate event that your wine is irreparably damaged, lost or stolen, you can choose to take cash up to the sum insured rather than replacing if it suits you better.

Paying market value*

In certain cases, we’ll pay more than the amount itemised on your policy to account for increases in market value.

Coverage for mechanical breakdown*

We provide coverage for wine which has been damaged due to loss of power supply or mechanical breakdown of climate control equipment.

*These benefits are not included in all Chubb home insurance policies. Speak to your insurance broker to find out which product is right for you.


Chubb Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of risks and perils that may affect your wine collections. Our coverage includes:

Please note that Chubb wine cover has certain exclusions. For a comprehensive understanding of coverage and exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings and product disclosure statements. Contact your insurance broker to explore the coverage options and ensure the comprehensive coverage of your wine and collection.

Chubb home insurance exclusions:

Some of the primary exclusions include loss to wine caused by:

  • An intentional act by someone covered under the policy, such as stealing, theft, or other misappropriation.
  • Certain events including acts of war, nuclear and chemical hazards.
  • Wear and tear, gradual deterioration, rust, and corrosion.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Chubb’s wine cover offered as part of our home insurance policy covers a wide range of potential risks to your wine collection. This includes, but is not limited to, accidental loss or damage, fire and theft. 

Yes, our wine coverage is included in our Chubb home insurance policy and cannot be purchased as a standalone product. While some homeowners’ insurance policies may provide limited coverage for wine collections, it is often insufficient for valuable or extensive collections. Chubb offers comprehensive coverage specifically designed for the unique needs of wine collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Our cover for wine is offered as part of a complete home insurance policy. The price is determined by many factors including location, value and risks. For a personalised quote, please contact your insurance broker. 

You should consider purchasing a home insurance policy that includes wine coverage if you own a collection of wine that would be costly to replace, or if you're in possession of rare or valuable bottles. Wine insurance can provide an additional layer of protection for your investment against unforeseen risks.

Determining your insurance requirements involves evaluating the value of your collection, the risks it's exposed to, and what you would be willing and able to pay out-of-pocket in the event of a loss. An insurance broker can assist you in this process to ensure you have the right level of coverage for your needs.

Properly caring for your wine collection involves maintaining optimal storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity control, keeping bottles stored horizontally, and avoiding exposure to light and vibration. Additionally, proper inventory management and regular valuation are key to ensure your collection is adequately insured by your policy. 

What our clients say
What our clients say

Brian & Gretchen B.

After a sudden fire destroyed Gretchen and Brian’s home, Chubb made sure their family could pick up where they left off.

Chubb offers a range of additional products and services for your personal assets that can provide you with an added level of comfort. In addition to our comprehensive Masterpiece policy, we also offer a variety of alternative insurance solutions to suit your specific needs. 

Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

Benefits of Chubb's Wine Cover

Chubb is a leader in global insurance. We're dedicated to providing personal property and liability insurance that's tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Here are some key advantages of our wine coverage:

Global presence
As a leading global insurance company present in 54 countries, we can offer you support and services wherever you are.


Comprehensive coverage
Our policy covers a wide range of potential risks including accidental loss or damage through to fire and theft.


Prevention and avoidance
We don't just cover your losses, we also help you mitigate risks with preventative measures and avoidance strategies.


Worldwide scope
Our coverage is not limited by geographical boundaries. Whether your collection is at home, in transit, or stored elsewhere, you're insured*.


Client focus
We cater to a diverse clientele, from individual enthusiasts and connoisseurs to avid collectors and investors.


*These benefits are not included in all Chubb policies. Speak to your insurance broker to find out which product is right for you. 

Tips & Resources

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a novice, these resources can assist you in maintaining your collection and understanding the complexities of wine insurance. Dive in to learn more and empower yourself with the information you need to make informed decisions about your collection's care and protection.

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