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Technology lets us bring our work home and access our home life at work. It also gives cybercriminals a doorway to the online you, and your personal and sensitive information.



At Chubb, we understand the complexity of cyber threats and offer a range of personal cyber covers to help keep you and your family safe. We have the expertise to help you stay ahead in an evolving digital world.

Chubb Cyber Insurance Highlights


  • Cyber Bullying

With so much time spent online and on mobile phones, it’s no wonder bullies have taken to the internet. In fact, you may be surprised how often it happens and how seldom it gets reported. Chubb can offer the financial compensation you need to get your life back on track after cyberbullying.

  • Cyber Attacks

We recognise the increasing level of threat of cyber related attacks on the families we insure and we include coverage for cyber extortion, cyber financial loss and cyber breach of personal information.

  • Financial Assistance

Should a cyber attack happen, which results in certain types of financial loss, we’ll help financially by reimbursing non recoverable account funds from your account along with paying a number of associated costs.

  • Access to Qualified Specialists*

Our experts will help you understand how and when to respond to ransomware and we also provide cover to hire public relations consultants and digital forensic firms to help you recover from a cyberbullying event.

*These benefits are not included in all Chubb policies. Speak to your insurance broker to find out which product is right for you. 

Chubb Cyber Insurance Exclusions


Some of the primary exclusions for cyber coverage include loss arising or resulting from:

  • A false incident report
  • Intentional, malicious or fraudulent acts of certain persons.
  • Business activities or liabilities.

The above represents a selection of Chubb's personal lines highlights and exclusions. For the full list of policy exclusions for each product, refer to the relevant policy wordings and product disclosure statements.

Chubb Masterpiece Cyber Insurance Brochure

Chubb Personal Insurance Brochure

Learn more about Chubb and how we can insure your online world – from office to home and everywhere in between.

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