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Geoff C.

When Geoff's family owned bottle shop was forced to close during one of Australia's most substantial floods, Chubb's quick action allowed Geoff to reopen his doors within five weeks. 

Following Chubb's quick action Geoff said he "couldn't help but sing their praises".

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When Geoff arrived at his family owned bottle shop, Murwillumbah Cellars, he walked into what he described as ‘heartbreaking’. After days of relentless rain, he was met with piles of stock washed across his shop covered in mud and other debris. Most concerned about how long his business would be out of operation, Geoff asked his broker to contact Chubb immediately to begin the claim process. 

Chubb Claims Specialist Todd initially engaged a hydrologist to determine what the exact cause of the damage was. Todd fast tracked the claim and a payout was offered which Geoff happily accepted allowing him to reopen his doors in five weeks. Following the initial claim payment, Todd continued to work with the hydrologist and after the final report was reviewed, Geoff received an additional payment for the damages caused.

Geoff was very impressed by the quick action of Chubb and the broker, particularly during one of Australia's most substantial floods saying he 'couldn't help but sing their praises to everyone he talks to'


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